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Natural Stone, Gravel, Sand and Landscaping Materials

General Material Coverage:

Note: Most pallets of stone weigh around 1.5-2 tons.


     1" thick- about 150 square feet per ton

​     1 1/2" thick- about 100 square feet per ton

     2" thick- about 70 square feet per ton

Building Stone:

     Random or chopped stone-about 40-50 square feet per ton

Chopped Stone:

        4" wide- about 100 linear feet per ton

     6" wide- about 75 linear feet per ton

     8" wide- about 50 linear feet per ton

​Drystack: (most difficult to estimate)

        Depending on how you turn the rock, covers anywhere       from 40-60 square feet per ton

​Smaller Gravel: (up to 2" in size)

​     Covers about 100 square feet 2" thick per yard.

Larger Gravel:(usually from 2"-6" in size)

    Covers about 40-60 square feet per yard.