Longvie​w stone

.Dwayne and Molly Jones started Longview Stone.

In Loving Memory Of

Darlene Jones


Our beloved and missed

Wife, Mother, 

and member of Longview Stone

You're also likely to see Chad's children, Logan and Morgan, as well as Brandon's children, Audrey and Davis helping out around the yard during the summer or after school hours. 




Natural Stone, Gravel, Sand and Landscaping Materials

Chad, Tim, Chelsea, and Brandon Jones

Longview Stone, Stone  Natural, Longview, TX

Brandon's Family

About Longview Stone:

Longview Stone is a small family business started by Dwayne and Molly Jones in 1983. They placed the rock yard beside their home and all office work was done from their kitchen. Dwayne drove a truck during the day and did paperwork at night, while Molly handled the everyday job of showing customers around and loading up their purchases. After their many years of hard work, their son Tim became the managing partner in 2005. He moved Longview Stone up the same road to a larger area in 2010. The move opened up more space for inventory and allowed customers to better view the material from the comfort of their vehicles.The day-to-day operations are now handled by Tim's children: Chad, who runs the yard and office, Brandon, who handles the deliveries, and Chelsea, who also works at the yard and office with Chad. The only non-family employee, Jake, has been a valuable addition to Longview Stone for the past 8 years.  

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Chad's Family